How awesome would it be to control the weather. Unfortunately this is the one thing that is out of my control, however I do my upmost to make the best of the conditions that we are presented with on the day, as generally speaking I do not cancel workshops due to poor weather conditions. Landscape photography is not always easy, in fact it can be hard work most of the time and I've lost count of the number of times I've visited the same location to get one good image because of the right weather conditions. The images I've attached, both above and below were taken on a workshop roughly one hour apart. The top one is of Derwent Isle from Crow Park, taken on a workshop with a client, who at the time was struggling with the conditions we faced. It was a head wind, cold, raining and at one point hailing whilst we stood in full waterproof gear under an umbrella waiting for that break in clouds. The image below was taken a while later as those breaks in the cloud started to appear, casting light over the remaining autumnal leaves on the trees and on the distant fells. Sometimes it may require a last minute location change to capitalise on the weather, but other times in just a case of rolling with it and making the best of what is presented on the day. This after all is the Lake District, and as I mentioned above I will do my best so that you get the best experience possible when attending one of my workshops. I've even been know to hold umbrellas for clients when taking photos so they don't have to hold it and keep wiping the lens.



I often get asked if I provide accommodation for clients when visiting the area and attending one of my workshops. Although I am not able to cater for clients in this area, I have worked for, photographed and had friends and family stay with a number of holiday letting agencies including 'Heart of the Lakes', 'Lake District Lodge Holidays', and 'Lakelovers'. I have included links to these sites where you will find lots of accommodation ideas set in various beautiful locations of the Lake District.

Heart of the Lakes

Lake District Lodge Holidays



Generally speaking photography equipment is a personal choice, as is the clothing we wear when going out. In this section I will put forward some ideas and suggestions which may help you decide what to bring when we head out for a workshop.

Camera Equipment

When I'm out in the field all my equipment fits in to rucksack which is designed to carry not only photography gear, but clothing as well. This allows me to carry both comfortably. I have my camera, lenses which cover a focal range from 20mm through to 200mm, filters and holders, a sturdy tripod and tripod head, along with a remote trigger and spare batteries. 

Clothing and Food

Whether it's a half or full day workshop please consider the clothing, footwear and food to bring for the duration of the workshop. Depending where we go, this may involve a good walk, possibly up on the fells so sturdy footwear be it boots or walking shoes is always a good idea. Weather in the Lakes is always changing and keep in mind that at times we could be stood waiting for conditions to change, so keeping warm and dry is imperative, particularly if we are out all day. The forecast may say 10 degrees, but if we are up 400 meters with a breeze then that could soon be down to just a couple of degrees. A suitable bag which you find comfortable to carry is also important. Some walks could be as short as 10 minutes, but possibly up to an hour depending where we go and how much up hill is involved, so having a rucksack that is comfy helps.

We will not always be near shops, whilst these can be factored in, especially on longer days, bringing with you enough food and drink to see you though the day is handy. Personally I like a good brew and as my wife would tell you I'm a bit grizzly when hungry lol, so I normally carry a flask, plenty of food/snacks and water.

Like I said, these are just suggestions but things to consider as there is nothing worse than being cold, wet and hungry when out for the day, or having no spare battery when your only one has gone flat. If you are in any doubt as to what to bring then please don't hesitate to ask and I will be more than happy to help you.


Landscape Locations

The location of the workshop will be predetermined by myself before we meet and factors such as time of year, season, and weather is taken in to account. Where possible I will let you know the week before along with directions and meeting point. As I mentioned in the above weather section, the forecast is forever changing and I'm sure you'll be aware that just because it says sunny, doesn't mean it will stay that way until the day we meet. There is always a plan B.

Should you wish to view any specific location, or if you would just like to take a tour of some the more easier accessible locations that are well known within the Lake District then please let me know or put forward your suggestions.


I will always check with you before making any plans about your fitness. Personally I try to avoid areas that I know which will be heavily populated with other photographers, mainly because it's no fun tripping over other people or trying to keep out of each others way/shots. So sometimes a short walk/hike may be needed to access a quiet location. If you'd prefer not to do this or would just like to stick to lower ground that's absolutely fine as I can factor this in to your day.