In a bid to keep my website up to date and to minimise the amount of time I spend on my computer, I have added a new section to the website. This will be where I share new content of whatever photography I have been doing, but this is likely to be more landscape than anything else because this is what I also enjoy doing in my spare time. I will then share a link to this on my Facebook page so I'm not duplicating everything and whereas I normally share one image on Facebook, on here it could be a couple. Having said that, this first post is a trial so it's just the one for now.

Anyway, if you follow my Facebook page you'll see many views like this as it's one of my favourite places to visit and one where I like to run workshops from when conditions are right. This view is of the Langdale Pikes (right) with Side Pike (near left) taken from the lower slopes of Lingmoor Fell. I'd been here the evening before but with little success, mainly due to the sun being obscured by the clouds which were heavy enough to block out most of the light. The following evening I was running a 1-1 workshop with a client where initially conditions started off pretty poor, although I had high hopes after viewing the weather forecast that we maybe blessed with some nice light, albeit briefly.

After showing Steve (my client) around and checking out various compositions things started to improve and it looked like we might get lucky with the light. The sky was beginning to colour up nicely, but with the amount of cloud around and the sun now getting lower chances of getting direct light on the foreground had faded. That said, you didn't really need it much because the glow from above really did add some vibrancy, and I particularly like how it was adding colour to the stone wall. Needless to say Steve was pretty chuffed to have witnessed such conditions and it was a perfect start to the few days he had booked in with me on his visit here. Over the coming weeks I'd visit this location again, not only with other clients but on my own as I was eyeing up other compositions which I thought might work. For me this location at this time of year works really well as the sun is setting just out of frame to the left which offers some cracking side light if you get the right conditions and it can still catch the foreground before the sun dips behind the higher peaks.

Langdale Pikes at SunsetLangdale Pikes at SunsetA view of the Langdale Pikes and Side Pike from the slopes of Lingmoor Fell at sunset. This image was taken on one of my Landscape Photography Workshops in the Lake District